What if you could make your relationship feel like a real-life fairytale? ✨

Well, you can...Let me show you!

Hey, lovebird

I'm ready

When it comes to making your relationship last, the MOST important thing isn’t finding a perfect match 😮

It’s choosing to build a solid foundation with a perfectly imperfect partner that’s perfect for you 💛

Someone you can grow with and get through the hard times with all whilst staying connected.

In fact, having a solid foundation is not only THE answer to making your relationship last, it's how you can have a real-life fairytale relationship.

I’m talking about the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of, one that’s fun, connected, and emotionally mature. Think Jack & Rebecca from This is Us, not Rachel & Tino from The Bachelorette 🙈

I'm calling it-

“It gave us tools to deal with our disagreements in a more constructive way!”

Prior to taking the course we felt we could use some help managing conflict -especially in the heat of the moment when emotions can get very high. It’s helpful to have it in our toolbox for the future.

— M&Z

Seeing yourselves as partners who work as a team
and can rely on each other completely

No longer letting fights or unspoken tension get in the way of the day-to-day and special moments

Being able to talk to each other openly without worrying your partner will feel attacked or get defensive

Feeling ready and secure enough to take next steps like moving in, getting married, or having kids

Bringing back honeymoon vibes with regular love dates that are more than just the mundane day-to-day updates

Having shared hobbies and fun adventures together even once you grow old together

And if that wasn’t reason enough to pay attention, imagine…

I want this!

It can feel like such a sudden change from when things are going smoothly!!

Buuuut you might experience...

One day, everything can be going great, you feel confident and trust your relationship, but the next, you might feel complete despair but when there's a disagreement, you start questioning whether your relationship is able to stand the test of time.

Anxiety, disbelief and fear of abandonment when those same fights crop up.

😥 You don’t have good communication when fighting. It’s hard to get your message across and are scared to share your feelings in case it escalates the situation further

😥 These fights often lead to your partner icing you out for hours or days, which can be emotionally exhausting

😥 Worst of all, they make you feel scared you’re too much and that your partner will eventually decide they’ve had enough and end things


And all this? 

Has probably got you feeling uncertain and scared

And is getting in the way of you creating plans for the future without having any doubt whether you’ll get there.

Or even worse? Freaking out thinking your relationship is headed in the wrong direction and is going to fail 😩

What if you could feel confident in your relationship EVEN when challenges come up? 😍

PLUS have tools and strategies to deal with emotions, especially big emotions that prevent you from thinking clearly and get on the same page before things get out of control.


I  get how hard it can be!

My partner and I used to have regular weekend-long fights 😳

These fights were not only exhausting but brought up serious doubts, making me feel unsure if we would be able to take next steps like marriage and kids.

They were so emotionally draining and time-consuming that they affected other parts of my life, like work. Thinking about the fights made it hard to focus on anything else, and made me feel like a failure who was too damaged to make a relationship work.

Until eventually that all changed...

Wanting to make things work more than anything, I made a conscious choice to set my ego aside, stop blaming my partner, and take full responsibility for my part.

Rather than allowing my reactions to take control, I kept the bigger picture in mind and used it to guide my responses.

And since taking these changes?


We stopped having big fights every weekend that would end in my partner icing me out and me feeling panicked


We were able to agree on future plans because we felt ready to take next steps like moving in and becoming fur parents


We feel like a strong team because we now view our differences as opportunities for growth and closeness rather than threats


Plus, we have special routines that keep us feeling close throughout the years, like dedicating Sundays to prioritize our emotional and physical connection


And the best partIt gave me the confidence to say 'yes' when my partner proposed, and know that we are truly built to last now we're getting ready to tie the knot this Spring

These changes, which are now part of what I teach in Built to Last, are what took our relationship to the next level... and I know you can experience this too!

If it sounds pretty damn good, then say hello to…

Say goodbye to feeling scared and uncertain when the same fights crop up and say hello to feeling even closer together knowing that your relationship is truly built to last!


a 1-to-1 coaching program for romantic partners

To go from this:

Giving your partner what you believe is constructive feedback, only for your partner to totally misinterpret your words, get defensive and then ice you out for a whole day!

Being able to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner without feeling like you have to walk on eggshells or worry about them getting defensive and icing you out for days

having something as innocent as asking your partner to rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher quickly escalate into the same old argument, leading to a weekend-long fight

Getting through a weekend without facing the same old argument, which would typically ruin the mood for the entire weekend and trigger doubts about whether this is really your person

only having mundane Conversations about day-to-day updates making you feel like roomates instead of lovers

To this:

Bringing back honeymoon vibes by doing fun things together so you can keep the energy and excitement alive for decades to come

Picture how it'll feel...

Set the stage for your dream relationship by imagining what you want, setting self-focused goals, and adjusting your expectations for a more realistic view.

#1 Imagine

Learn and establish new relationship patterns by getting all the foundational tools and skills you need to build a lasting relationship.

#2 Build

Strengthen your bond with rituals of connection and reconnection. Renew your commitment by vowing to be the best partner you can be.

#3 Lock It In

Here are the 3 steps that make the
Built to Last program a game-changer:

  • Define your vision for your ideal relationship and identify what's preventing you from being the best partner you can be.
  • Set clear, self-focused goals to overcome any obstacles and build your real-life fairytale relationship.

See what’s inside
Built to Last:

WEEK 1 | build your real-life fairytale relationship

WEEK 2 | Fill in the crackS

  •  Identify issues in your relationship and figure out how to handle them before they become bigger problems.
  • Tell apart what's realistic and what's not in your wants and needs. Learn how to ask for them in a way that makes your partner want to give them to you.

WEEK 3 | manage doubts

  • Recognize when anxiety is clouding your thoughts and have effective ways to manage it effectively on your own.
  • Identify limiting beliefs and the stories behind them to take control of your love story.

weeks 1-3

weeks 4-6

WEEK 4 | Fair(ytale) Conversations

  • Learn why communication breaks down and discover ways to communicate effectively with each other.
  • Get my stress-free communication script to start conversations without worrying about your partner feeling attacked or becoming defensive.


  • Recognize what sets off conflicts in your relationship to avoid dampening your fairytale.
  • Gain tools and strategies to pause and quickly repair conversations that are starting to spiral.


  • Review past arguments without getting caught to find common ground or mutual solutions.
  • Use fights as opportunities to learn about each other and feel closer afterward.

weeks 7-9

  • Confidently talk about big picture items so you feel ready taking next steps like moving in, getting married, or having kids
  • Learn to turn your differences into strengths, not threats, so you can feel and act like a strong team.


WEEK 8 | establish love dates

  • Bring back those honeymoon vibes by planning fun dates and finding regular ways to connect.
  • Keep the romance alive for years by making your emotional and physical connection a priority.

WEEK 9 | till death do us part

  • Commit to be your best self in your relationship now that you know how and have a plan.
  • Think of it as a little promise, or mini vow you're making to yourself to continue to feel close for decades to come!

Each week we will:

Get weekly lessons, worksheets and tools to master a strategy and build new relationship skills.

Expand your toolkit

Meet with me to discuss what you learnt and get personalized support in achieving your relationship goals.

Meet for a weekly 1-on-1 call

Receive a homework assignment to practice your new skills and stay accountable in-between sessions.

Practice new skills

Get all this today for $1997

two payments of $1100

Limited Spaces Available

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“It gave us tools to deal with our disagreements in a more constructive way.”

Prior to taking the course we felt we could use some help managing conflict -especially in the heat of the moment when emotions can get very high. It’s helpful to have it in our toolbox for the future.

– M & Z

Here’s what other people have to say:

“There was nothing we did not find helpful!”

I really believe that recognizing your triggers can make a huge difference, as it helped us understand the reasons behind negative behaviours and patterns of interaction. We have since found better ways to communicate and resolve our problems.

– S & U

If the idea of having a relationship coach in your pocket to get quick and personalized support excites the heck out of you, this bonus is specifically designed for you!

The first 5 individuals to join Built to Last will receive an exclusive bonus: 1:1 Slack support throughout the program. 

This means you'll have quick assistance the moment a conflict or question arises, so you know exactly how to approach it as soon as it comes up.



Hi, I'm Alexa!

I've been a relationship counsellor and coach for 8 years. I'm passionate about helping couples strengthen their bond, so they can feel even closer and rely on each other 100 percent.

So why am I the right person to help you achieve your happily ever after?

Working with hundreds of couples, I've learned to quickly spot patterns and identify blind spots.

Plus, I've been in your shoes, so can relate to how head over heels amazing but also downright challenging relationships can be! 😅

But who i love working with the most?

I'm a strong believer in seeking support early on.

With the right guidance and tools, couples can build a strong foundation for a lasting relationship and avoid the frustration and disconnection that often lead to divorce.

Don't be the average couple!

That’s why I created Built to Last: a step-by-step solution for partners who love each other and want to give their relationship the best chance of success 💛

I love working with proactive partners who are ready to put in the effort to make their relationship work 😍

You might be thinking "this sounds amazing but my partner would never go for it"

And here is why it doesn’t matter

Built to Last works even if your partner isn't involved. Your partner might not be ready for help or be as focused on growth.

I made sure the program can still help you achieve your dream relationship, knowing thatw when one partner changes it affects the whole dynamic.

You're in the first 1-5 years of your relationship, either dating or recently married, and knew early on you wanted to spend your lives together

Built to last is perfect for you if...

You love each other, but you're noticing cracks, like weekend-long fights that spark doubt and anxiety about working through them and moving to next stage of your relationship (i.e. buying a house, kids)

This was made just for you, Lovebird!

Yes, I'm in!

You're confident in your relationship for the most part and truly trust your partner, except when there’s conflict. BUT, you worry that if you  keep going down this path your relationship won't last.

You're a hopeless romantic, but understand relationships require ongoing effort. You’re fully in it and want to fill in the cracks before it's too late

How is Built to Last different from therapy?

Built to Last offers a structured coaching approach designed to provide you with everything necessary for a lasting relationship foundation. Unlike traditional therapy, it offers a clear action plan and support between sessions that spans over a 9-week period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my benefits?

Built to Last is a coaching program, and therefore should not be claimed as counselling. You may be able to claim it using your health spending account, depending on your company's requirements. Always check with your benefits provider to be sure.

What's the application criteria?

Romantic partners who have been together for 1-5 years and are highly motivated to invest in their relationship and commit to participating for the entire 9 weeks. We do not accept romantic partners dealing with complex issues, who have been together for over 5 years, or are seriously considering ending their relationship.

How is Built to Last different to other programs?

Unlike other programs, Built to Last offers personalized support through bi-monthly support calls. It's designed to yield results even if your partner isn't fully committed. Best of all, you'll see tangible progress in just 9 weeks!

What if I need more help after finishing the program?

You'll receive all the tools and information you need to build a happy, lasting relationship. If you need extra help implementing any of the tools, you can opt for one-on-one coaching sessions with me after the 9 weeks.

If you're still here, it means you're really serious about improving your relationship

You've seen what Built to Last can do, and you know deep down it can change everything. But maybe there's a bit of doubt nagging at you.

Remember, every big journey starts with taking a leap of faith. Think of the success stories on shows like The Bachelor and Love is Blind. They all took a risk.

But this, this isn’t just any risk; it's a thoughtful one for the love of your relationship. Think of it like a little "I do."


since you're still here, there's One last thing I will say...

So here's my invitation: take that leap today.

I'll be here to support and cheer you on every step of the way. Let’s turn your dream relationship into reality.


Last call 📣


+ Weekly lessons, tools & worksheets for insight and action

+ Homework to practice what you’ve learned in-between calls

+BONUS: 1:1 Slack support for the program duration

+ bi-monthly calls to STAY CONNECTED and get live feedback

Get all this for $1997

I'm in!

or 2 payments of $1100