A 9-week coaching program to transform the way you argue in your relationship

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fight fair

Are you sick of having the same arguments with no sign of resolution in sight?

You know that there has to be a better way to deal with conflict, but you haven't figured out how.

You want to learn how to fight fairly and productively to avoid repeating the same old arguments.

You hoped that things would just work themselves out, but it's become clear that you need to take action before things get worse.

Do any of these sound familiar?


You have the same unnecessary fights repeatedly, leading to frustration, emotional exhaustion, and disconnection


You walk on eggshells around your partner, unsure how they'll respond to certain topics, and worry about another fight if you say the wrong thing


You feel you’ve hit a roadblock in your relationship


Your fights leave you feeling frustrated, unheard, and scared about your relationship

It's not just the fights that are draining as the emotional fallout can be just as hard to handle

The ongoing major blowouts in your relationship make you question your ability to work as a team and the future of your relationship.



“It gave us tools to deal with our disagreements in a more constructive way!”

Prior to taking the course we felt we could use some help managing conflict -especially in the heat of the moment when emotions can get very high. It’s helpful to have it in our toolbox for the future.

— M&Z

There’s a better way of approaching conflict..

If only you had the tools to deal with issues in a healthy way!

Imagine being able to approach conflicts with your partner in a way that not only resolves issues but also leaves both of you feeling heard and understood.

Picture having the tools to engage in open and honest conversations without defensiveness, and being able to express yourself freely to your partner.

Unlike traditional therapy, Fight Fair gives you a clear plan of action and tangible tools that will help you now and for years to come.

Develop the mindset necessary to reach your relationship goals

#1 Prepare

Get effective tools and strategies that enhance how you manage conflicts

#2 Practice

Sustain progress and address issues that arise to maintain gains

#3 Prevent

Fight Fair teaches you everything you need to achieve healthy fights: 

  • Learn how to set clear goals for your relationship to set yourself up for success.
  • Develop the mindset needed to achieve these goals effectively.
  • Gain an understanding of your conflict style and interactions during conflicts, as well as learn how to identify triggers and effectively calm down.

  • Get effective tools and strategies that can enhance your approach to managing conflicts and improve your ability to reach your relationship goals.
  • Learn how to repair your relationship during and after fights, and develop techniques for revisiting conflicts productively to avoid reliving them.
  • Gain the skills to navigate differences with your partner and come to a mutual agreement or understanding.

Here’s what our 9-weeks together will look like: 



Week 1-3

week 3-6

  • Understand the importance of having regular check-ins with your partner to avoid holding onto negative feelings and keep your relationship healthy.
  • Take a look at your progress and come up with a plan to keep improving.
  • Learn how to tackle any new issues that arise to ensure your stays strong.


week 6-9

Each week we will:

Download a PDF guide or video to learn step-by-step how to master and apply a new technique to your relationship.

Expand your toolkit

Practice newly learned strategies and receive personalized support in achieving your relationship goals.

Meet for a 50-minute 1-on-1 call

Receive a homework assignment in the form of a worksheet to independently implement a new tool or strategy and build upon your relationship skills.

Practice new skills

The investment is $1997

or 2 monthly payments of $850 after your initial deposit

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The first step is to fill out an application:

“It gave us tools to deal with our disagreements in a more constructive way.”

Prior to taking the course we felt we could use some help managing conflict -especially in the heat of the moment when emotions can get very high. It’s helpful to have it in our toolbox for the future.

– M & Z

What our clients are saying...

“There was nothing we did not find helpful!”

I really believe that recognizing your triggers can make a huge difference, as it helped us understand the reasons behind negative behaviours and patterns of interaction. We have since found better ways to communicate and resolve our problems.

– S & U

You’re serious about each other but are experiencing unwanted conflict

You're the perfect fit for fight fair if...

You want to learn how to fight fairly and productively to avoid repeating the same old arguments.

Is this for you?

You’re committed to working on the relationship now to prevent bigger issues down the road.

Yes, I'm in!

The sooner you learn the tools to handle conflicts in a healthy way, the easier it will be to change the way you deal with conflict. Get the help you need now, to avoid bigger issues in the future.

Don't wait until things get bad to seek support - start while you're doing well.

Learn to communicate constructively without rocking the boat with Fight Fair.

Instead of walking on eggshells, editing your words, and putting off tough talks (including the ones you’d have in Fight Fair).

Get the necessary tools to handle conflicts effectively, and never second-guess or worry about saying the wrong thing again. 

Have techniques to manage your emotional reactions during conflicts.

Developed strong communication skills that promote understanding and negotiation of differences.

Be able to repair damage caused during conflicts quickly and effectively, revisit past arguments without rehashing them

Identify and prevent the build-up and be able to troubleshoot any new issues that arise.

By the end of our time working together you’ll have:

I want you to achieve healthy fights after working with me in Fight Fair

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Express yourself freely, strengthen your relationship, get closer than ever with your partner.

I transformed my own relationship challenges into a thriving counselling practice.

I get to use my personal experiences and professional expertise to guide individuals and couples as they build confidence and trust in their relationships by disrupting unhealthy patterns and successfully managing differences.

i'm alexa!

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Once I receive your application, we’ll schedule a time to chat more about your current situation and goals and see if working together is the right fit!

Can I enroll in the program alone?

Fight Fair is designed for women in relationships, providing the choice to participate alone or with their partners. We understand that not all partners may be on board, so the program offers support whether or not their partner is involved. For willing partners, there is an option to join and actively engage in the program. Visit our application page for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Fight Fair different from other programs for couples?

Fight Fair is a comprehensive coaching program that includes a one-on-one component, providing you with all the information you need and the accountability and support to implement it.

What is the format of the program?

The program includes weekly one-on-one coaching calls, videos, PDFs, and worksheets. You will meet with your coach once a week for nine weeks at a regularly scheduled time. If you need to reschedule, we require 48 hours notice.

Can Fight Fair replace therapy?

No, Fight Fair is not a replacement for therapy. It is a time-bound, structured program focused on achieving a specific goal. It is ideal for couples who may not be ready, need, or be able to access therapy, or as a supplement to therapy.

What if I need additional help after completing the program?

We have a dedicated week for troubleshooting and providing additional support.