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Couples Counselling

Teletherapy & In-Person Therapy for Couples offered in Vancouver, B.C.
Individual Teletherapy & In-Person Therapy offered in Vancouver, B.C.


It doesn’t have to be this way

Navigating relationships and learning to communicate with one another effectively can be challenging. But you don’t have to do it alone. 

If your interactions are turning unhealthy, couples counselling can help. Whether you’re in the midst of a crisis, experiencing new transitions, or simply want to enhance your relationship, couples counselling can strengthen your relationship now and for years to come.

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Couples Therapy Is For You If You Want To…

  • Clarify your individual needs, expectations, fears, and hopes 
  • Communicate to manage differences and handle conflict more effectively
  • Rebuild a sense of emotional security after years of ineffective communication
  • Deepen your connection with your partner
  • Increase intimacy and develop compatibility for a healthy sex life

It’s never too soon to start!

Couples counselling can help identify and manage problems, improve communication, and increase intimacy and connection. Through couples counselling, you and your partner will discover how to meet each other’s wants and needs so you can feel confident in your relationship. 

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Strengthen your relationship now and for years to come.

How It Works


Fill out our contact form. A team member will reach out to get you set up! You can request to schedule a free 15-minute consult.


Once you book your first in-person or virtual session, you’ll receive a confidential client intake form that you can complete virtually.


Meet with me where we will explore your biggest challenges, and discuss tools and coping strategies to support you and your partner as we work together to create a custom plan so you can reach your relationship goals.

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Online Counselling

Coordinating multiple schedules can be tough, but counselling shouldn’t add MORE stress to your life. I know you’re busy, which is why teletherapy can be an ideal solution for your hectic lifestyle. 

Virtual sessions are held via the secure, HIPPA-compliant Jane App that can be easily accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Bringing counselling directly to you, wherever you are.

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“We have greater confidence in discussing the things that really matter in our relationship.”

It made us reflect on our styles of communication, and brought about helpful discussions to improve our relationship. It gave us great tips to repair from our blips and move on from them more easily. It even brought on some laughs. By better understanding our differences, we were able to work through them. Thank you Alexa for planting the seeds for a closer connection

What’s the difference between Relationship Counselling and Couples Counselling?

Relationship Counselling is for individuals who want to do the inner work to heal their relationship with themselves, current or future romantic relationships, or platonic relationships. Couples Counselling is for committed couples who are ready to do the work together. You can learn more about Couples Counselling here to see which option is best for you.

Couples Counselling FAQs

How much do couples counselling sessions cost?

Couples sessions start at $240 (plus GST) per 75-minute session. Payments can be made by credit card or e-transfer.

How many sessions will I need?

The length of couples counselling can vary significantly from couple to couple. Usually, the first session will be spent getting to know one another, building trust, and establishing goals for the things you hope to accomplish in therapy. Depending on your goals and the extent of your issues more or less time may be required. For couples who are in the early stages a handful of sessions may suffice, whereas couples with more entrenched issues may choose to commit to counselling for months or years.

Are there any risks to counselling?

While counselling can be an excellent source of support it’s normal to experience stronger than usual emotions when exploring difficult topics and trying out new behaviours. If you feel uncomfortable with the interventions I suggest or with the pace, know that we can adjust things as needed.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 214-525 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3H6. The office is in the Seymour Building. It’s easily accessible by bus and Skytrain. Street and paid parking can be found nearby.

The A’s to Your Q’s

How long are couples counselling sessions?

Couples sessions typically last 75 minutes. 

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