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You didn't come here by accident!

You've been feeling stuck and overwhelmed for a while...

Waking up without excitement, maybe even dreading the day, has become a regular thing 😩

Or maybe, things are going well, but there's a specific problem or area you’ve been having trouble figuring out.

Do any of these ring a bell?

EMDR Counselling may be right for you if…

You’ve hit a crisis point and feel you can’t deal with the anxiety and stress alone anymore. Life feels overwhelming and unbalanced.

You can’t remember the last time you felt truly happy or at ease.

Your outlook on life is negative and often feels hopeless
You struggle to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

You have a less-than-ideal relationship with yourself. As a result, you often doubt yourself, put yourself down, or engage in negative comparisons.

You’re at a crossroads and feel stuck. You’re having a hard time figuring things out on your own.

You have a hard time knowing what you want or who you are. You’d like to find yourself and live more meaningfully.

Let go of overwhelm, break free from feeling stuck, and discover lasting peace.

What if I told you it doesn't need to be like this?

Imagine truly enjoying every part of your life and being happy with yourself.

I get it, you might be unsure, especially if therapy hasn't helped much before 🤨

That's where EMDR comes in.

EMDR is different from regular therapy. It helps us deal with problems at their core and lets go of things that hold you back.

By using movements on both sides of your body, we help your body heal and release bad feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. These same moves can also bring good feelings, thoughts, and sensations.

Picture this...

Having the right tools handy when anxiety or an emotional version of yourself that isn’t ideal takes hold.

Developing a better understanding of yourself, your needs, and how you engage in relationships.

Being able to skillfully turn around any thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that are holding you back.

Finally letting go of past hurts, traumas, or issues that are negatively affecting you.

i'm ready to heal

How We’ll Work Together


We'll prepare for EMDR by first understanding your issues, how they affect you, and what you hope to achieve with therapy.

Step 1: Setting the stage

EMDR follows a step-by-step process to identify, process, and release stuck patterns and feelings.

Throughout our time together, I’ll support you with relevant, personalized tools and resources to enhance your transformation and help you reach your goals.

Step 2: Build Your Toolkit


Next, we take time to identify recurring patterns, including how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours all connect. This will help you understand where you are stuck and get to the heart of the matter.

Step 3: Identify patterns


Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and do the work! Once we’ve identified your patterns, we’ll apply EMDR, a clinical method as a tool to assist you in processing triggers and working through the hard stuff.


Step 4: “The Work”

i'm ready to heal

Our Approach:

💛 Results You Can Count On: We deliver real, tangible outcomes supported by proven methods like the Gottman Method & The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.

💛 Walking the Talk: Our proven methods have been tested on 100's of relationships, including our own, and we can prove they work.

💛 Tailored Support for Every Journey: Recognizing each relationship is unique, we offer diverse options for romantic partners, supporting you wherever you are in your journey.

💛 More Than a Client: You're cared for and supported. Our aim is to make you feel heard, understood, and supported as we collaborate to help you reach your goals.

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Once you book your first in-person or virtual session, you’ll receive a confidential client intake form that you can complete virtually.


In our first session we will explore your challenges and create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

Book your first appointment or a free 15-minute consultation via our online calendar. If you have questions or need assistance with booking, reach out to us through the contact form.

What’s the difference between Relationship Counselling and EMDR Counselling?

EMDR counselling is a comprehensive approach that can address a range of issues, including relationship issues. I often use EMDR alongside relationship counselling to help clients heal and make progress in their personal lives and relationships. However, EMDR isn't limited to relationship issues; it can also help clients dealing with challenges like low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, grief, and more.

EMDR Counselling FAQs

Do you accept health insurance?

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC#13309) my services are covered by a number of extended health benefit plans. Please consult with your service provider to determine the type of coverage you have. Clients are responsible for paying for sessions and then submitting their claim to their insurance provider. On request, a receipt will be provided for you to submit for reimbursement.

How many sessions will I need?

It's difficult to predict how many sessions will be needed with EMDR as each person processes and heals at their own pace. While EMDR is often quicker than traditional talk therapy, depending on your readiness and unique circumstances, this stage may take as few as 2 sessions or as long as needed. While some clients may require only a few sessions to address a specific issue, long-standing change typically requires a minimum of 6 months of therapy.

Are there any risks to counselling?

While counselling can be an excellent source of support it’s normal to experience stronger than usual emotions when exploring difficult topics and trying out new behaviours. If you feel uncomfortable with the interventions I suggest or with the pace, know that we can adjust things as needed.

Can EMDR be done virtually?

Absolutely, EMDR therapy can be done virtually using various techniques, including audio, tapping, or eye movements. In fact, many individuals find virtual EMDR therapy to be just as effective as in-person therapy.

How is EMDR used in Couples Counselling?

I offer 50 and 75 minute EMDR sessions. Longer sessions are typically recommended for EMDR.

How long are EMDR sessions?

In couples counselling, we explore your relationship dynamics and tackle negative beliefs, feelings, and sensations. With EMDR, we trace these issues back to their source and work on reducing triggers individually, resulting in fewer intense reactions for both of you. Using EMDR alongside couples work will help make interactions smoother and bring you closer together as a couple.

How is EMDR used in Relationship Counselling?

EMDR in relationship counselling helps couples deal with past issues affecting their relationship. It reduces triggers like relationship anxiety, helping partners respond more thoughtfully. It also assists in processing grief from past relationships, and addresses barriers to intimacy, such as sexual blocks.

The A’s to Your Q’s

i'm ready to heal

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