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Alexa Gelles

Building secure, connected relationships through accesible education + counselling

Teletherapy & In-Person Therapy offered in Vancouver, B.C.

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Relationship Counselling + Coaching


It’s the reason you’ve poured tons of your time and energy into relationship books, podcasts, and countless YouTube Videos. But no matter what you’ve tried or how badly you want things to work out, you feel like you continue to fall short.

And you’re starting to think you must be cursed and maybe it’s time to throw up your hands altogether.

But you already know this.

What if the healthy relationship you've been reaching yearning for didn't have to feel so out of reach?


Understanding why relationships fail so you and your partner can proactively learn how to thrive and grow together

Establishing a core process for developing and maintaining a stable, satisfying, and successful relationship

Having effective methods in your toolkit to deal with difficulties when they arise

Being able to improve and sustain intimacy for years to come


You are capable and worthy of the relationship you've been craving.

 I get to use my personal experiences and professional expertise to guide individuals and couples as they build confidence and trust in their relationships by disrupting unhealthy patterns and successfully managing differences.

Meet Alexa

I will always work with you to get clear on your goals, check in to see how you're doing, help you identify what you'd like to focus on, and support you as you tap into your inner wisdom rather than simply giving advice. I may make suggestions but will always make sure it feels right for you.

I do things differently

I tailor my approach to each client and leverage research-backed methods like EMDR and the Developmental Model to help you get unstuck and develop the tools you need and can lean on in the future. When you work with me through coaching offers, my online course, individual relationship counselling, or couples counselling, you’ll go from feeling lost and overwhelmed to empowered and supported. 

I’m committed to meeting you where you are so you can experience a healthy relationship and feel worthy of love because you finally trust yourself. 

“There was nothing we did not find helpful! Alexa is wonderful. Her teaching style is very calming and encouraging."


ways to work with me

For me, it's 

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Couples Counselling


Counselling for couples to help you proactively navigate conflict and transitions while laying a solid foundation for a happy, long-lasting relationship. Both virtual and in-person options available.

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Relationship & EMDR Counselling


For individuals looking to gain the right tools to manage conflict, bust through unhealthy patterns and address overwhelm to develop a more meaningful relationship and life. Virtual and in-person options available.

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Relationship Coaching


Accessible, virtual resources for individuals and couples to fit your schedule, location, goals, and budget. I’m always looking for ways to support more people in a variety of ways!

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Relationship-building tools to take the guesswork out of communicating, managing differences, and improving intimacy with your partner.

The Fight Fair Blueprint

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  • Stop leaving issues unresolved, having arguments that go in circles, and feeling like you have to walk on eggshells
  • Learn the tools and skills to engage in open and honest conversations without getting defensive so you can finally express yourself freely to your partner.
  • Have difficult conversations with your partner that not only resolves issues but also leaves both of you feeling heard and understood.

In this free guide, I’m revealing the Fight Fair Blueprint that will show you how to...

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Navigating relationship challenges can be daunting, especially when your partner isn’t open to seeking support. It’s natural to feel frustrated and isolated in such situations. However, it’s important to approach this matter with empathy and understanding to increase the chances of getting them on board. Reasons Your Partner Might Be Resistant: 1. Past Negative Experiences: […]

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In our journey through life, we inevitably encounter moments that leave a lasting impact on our emotional well-being. Whether it’s a traumatic event or a persistent emotional distress, these experiences can weigh us down and hinder our ability to move forward. But what if there was a way to tap into our brain’s innate ability […]

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