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Relationship Counselling & Coaching for individuals and couples who want to create a life and relationship they love!

Teletherapy & In-Person Sessions available in Vancouver, B.C.

You deserve secure & connected relationships,
I can help!

Are you having the same fight over and over or repeatedly hitting the same triggers?

Are you ready to stop bringing your baggage into your relationships,
whether you want to break free from this cycle in a current relationship or avoid bringing it into a future one?

Maybe you're in the first years of your relationship, looking to strengthen your foundation and confidently take next steps?

Or you're several years in, and are feeling distant and disconnected and are are having frequent communication breakdowns?

Perhaps you're someone whose noticing unhealthy relationship patterns, is dealing with past baggage, and struggle with self-esteem?

without feeling like you have to do it alone or that there's something wrong with yoU

You are capable and worthy of the relationship you've been craving.

I help individuals and couples, like you, navigate relationship challenges by drawing from my personal experiences and professional expertise.

I'm here to help you get off the hamster wheel and become the best version of yourself, so you can fully enjoy your life and build lasting relationships.

Meet Alexa

Nowadays, relationships are so much easier for me because i've worked on myself.

I'm committed to making healthy relationship education and support accessible for everyone.

I do things differently

I offer full-spectrum support, from identifying and working through blocks to having healthy relationships with yourself and others, to helping you build a foundation for a lasting relationship or prevent your relationship from falling apart.

At Alexa Gelles Counselling, you’ll get the help you need to take your life and relationships from “just fine” to confidently saying, “things are going great.”

Whether through coaching or counselling, I help you become the best version of yourself, so you can enjoy a fulfilling life and build lasting relationships.

“There was nothing we did not find helpful! Alexa is wonderful. Her teaching style is very calming and encouraging."



For me, it's 

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Counselling for Individuals & Couples


Perfect for individuals and couples seeking help addressing unhealthy relationship patterns, navigating relationship issues, and who want to strengthen their connection with themselves and others.

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Relationship Coaching


Ideal for romantic partners in the first years of their relationship, who are proactive and looking to build a strong foundation for a happy, lasting relationship.

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3-Step Fairytale Masterclass

In this 30-minute video you'll discover how to have a real-life fairytale relationship by following my 3-step approach.

Stronger Together Blog

Take the guesswork out of relationships with digestible blog posts that show you how to nurture your relationship and break free from unhealthy patterns—without the jargon or overwhelm!

Fairytale Relationship Checklist

Download this checklist to map out your real-life fairytale relationship and feel ready and excited for your future together.

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Relationship-building tools to take the guesswork out of communicating, managing differences, and improving intimacy with your partner.

Q's to Map Out Your

💛 Clarify your ideal vision for your relationship to make it a reality.
💛 Address important topics directly to find common ground.
💛 Get aligned on big picture items, like starting a family, to feel ready and excited for the next steps.

This complete checklist will help you start mapping out your real-life fairytale relationship so you can...

    real-life fairytale relationship

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