Let’s find out…

What’s Your
Conflict Style?

Find out how you deal with challenges in your relationship to see how you can improve how you approach conflict.

When things aren’t feeling all that great it’s palpable.

Life may seem overwhelming or dull. It can feel difficult, uncomfortable, and even the smallest things can bring about tremendous distress.

Like many of my clients, you may be feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Your life and close relationships feel challenging despite your best efforts. You struggle with how things are and long for what they could be.

The problem is you don’t know how to change them. 

You’ve done everything by the book to improve your situation but have had little success. You may feel cursed or think that the problem is you. After all, everyone else seems to be doing it “right”.

And yet…

Despite the voice in your head that tells you this is just the way it’s going to be for you, there’s a part of you that’s unwilling to settle. A part that’s determined to make things better.

If either of these statements sounds like you, it’s time to turn things around.

Individual Counselling

I feel I’ve hit a crisis point. I can’t deal with anxiety and stress alone anymore. My life feels overwhelming and unbalanced

I seem to fall into the same pitfalls. I have unhealthy patterns that negatively impact my relationships

I have a terrible relationship with myself. My outlook on life is negative and often feels hopeless

I’m at a crossroads and feel stuck. I’m having a hard time figuring things out on my own. I feel like my problems are trivial

I have a hard time knowing what I want or who I am. I’d like to find myself and live more meaningfully.

Couples Counselling

My partner and I are stuck in a negative loop. We often engage in the same negative patterns when fighting

Lately, it feels like my partner and I are leading parallel lives. The lack of intimacy is emotionally and physically distancing

My partner betrayed me. I feel hurt and let down. I want to be able to trust again but question whether I can

My partner and I are in the early stages of our relationship. We’d like to address some of our differences before getting married

My partner and I are contemplating separation. We’ve been unhappy for a long time. We need help figuring out how to move forward.

With a little bit of encouragement and direction, you can have rewarding relationships and feel good about yourself.

I’m passionate about what’s possible. I believe that no matter what your challenges are you can change your life and relationships for the better.

My goal is to give you a positive counselling experience that makes you feel deeply cared for and understood. Together, we can explore what’s possible so that you can have a rich and meaningful life that’s truly your own.

Together, we’ll figure out where you’re stuck and what do about it.

Get tools to use when anxiety or an emotional version of yourself that isn’t ideal takes hold

Turn around any thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that are holding you back

Have more confidence in yourself and your choices

Foster healthier and more fulfilling relationships

Let go of past hurts or issues that are negatively affecting your relationships

You’ll have a more satisfying and meaningful life

If you’re ready to turn things around, contact me now to book an appointment.

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