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in just 9 weeks!

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Aren't you sick of having the same arguments with no resolution in sight?

You know that there has to be a better way to deal with conflict, but you haven't figure out how.

You want to learn how to fight fairly and productively to avoid repeating the same old argument.

You hoped that things would just work themselves out, but it's become clear that you need to take action before things get worse.

Any of these sound familiar:


You have the same unnecessary fights repeatedly, leading to frustration, emotional exhaustion, and disconnection


You walk on eggshells around your partner, unsure how they'll respond to certain topics, and worry about another fight if you say the wrong thing


You feel you’ve hit a roadblock in your relationship


Your fights leave you feeling frustrated, unheard, and scared about your relationship

It's not just the fights that are draining as the emotional fallout can be just as hard to handle

The ongoing major blowouts in your relationship make you question your ability to work as a team and the future of your relationship.



“It gave us tools to deal with our disagreements in a more constructive way!”

Prior to taking the course we felt we could use some help managing conflict -especially in the heat of the moment when emotions can get very high. It’s helpful to have it in our toolbox for the future.

— M&Z

There’s a better way of approaching conflict..

If only you had the tools to deal with issues in a healthy way!

Imagine being able to approach conflicts with your partner in a way that not only resolves issues but also leaves both of you feeling heard and understood.

Picture having the tools to engage in open and honest conversations without defensiveness, and being able to express yourself freely to your partner.

Unlike traditional therapy, Fight Fair gives you a clear plan of action and tangible tools that will help you now and for years to come.

Take your power back by identifying the role you are playing in the vicious cycle of fighting, manage your personal triggers, catch yourself before a fight starts.

#1 Prepare

Get all of the tools you need to communicate, repair, and revisit fights in a way that creates resolution (finally!) and mutual understanding.

#2 Practice

Establish regular rituals for checking in with yourself and your partner to approach issues in the early stages before they become big frustrations.

#3 Prevent

In our 9 weeks together, we will focus on the 3 pillars of Fighting Fair:

  • Discover the mindset shifts to turn your dream relationship into reality.
  • I'll guide you in visualizing your ideal relationship and bridging the gap from where you are to where you want to be. 
  • Take your power back by setting self-focused goals (i..e. expressing wants and needs clearly).

Here's how we'll transform your fights in the next 9 weeks:

WEEK 1 | your ideal relationship


  • Get super clear on the specific situations in your relationship that trigger you.
  • Explore the story + motivation behind your triggers to build the ever elusive self-compassion.
  • Implement 3 breathing exercises and 3 grounding exercises inside of the Breathing and Grounding Toolkit.

WEEK 3 | The vicious cycle of fighting

  • Understand the signs and situations that kickstart your vicious cycle of fighting.
  • Recognize the beliefs + behaviours that keep the vicious cycle going.
  • Figure out the exact steps you need to go from a vicious to a virtuous cycle of fighting.

weeks 1-3

weeks 4-6

WEEK 4 | communication fixes

  • Recognize when it's time to resolve or take a break in an argument.
  • Use our Quick Repair guide to swiftly address miscommunications.
  • Make timeouts your secret weapon to prevent conversations from getting out of hand.

WEEK 5 | fair conversations

  • Understand why communication goes wrong and how to approach conversations instead.
  • Use my Communication Do's & Don'ts checklist to steer clear of the most common communication pitfalls.
  • Talk about problems smoothly with my Script for Fair Conversations.

WEEK 6 | Fair Agreements

  • Set clear rules for fair arguments by saying what's okay and what's not in conversations.
  • Figure out how to discuss different opinions and make decisions that feel fair.
  • Use our script for Fair Agreements to reach a fair compromise every time—no more just going along to get along!

weeks 7-9

  • Turn conflicts into chances to strengthen your relationship by learning from your fights.
  • Use journaling to understand what caused a fight and what you need to move forward from it.
  • Get my Step-by-Step After the Fight Script to reflect on past fights to gain understanding without getting back into them.

WEEK 7 | After the fight

WEEK 8 | Prevent build-up

  • Figure out what causes build-up and how to check for it, so you never face a mountain of issues again!
  • Be able to check your relationship's temperature and discover what you need to fill your cup.
  • Set up regular check-ins with your partner to discuss issues and prevent build-up.

WEEK 9 | Sustain your success

  • Acknowledge your successes by looking back at your progress.
  • Review and adjust your goals to sustain and enhance your achievements.
  • Figure out if there are other areas you need support in and how to get it.

Each week we will:

Get weekly lessons, worksheets and tools to master a strategy and build new relationship skills.

Expand your toolkit

Meet with me to discuss what you learnt and get personalized support in achieving your relationship goals.

Meet for a weekly 1-on-1 call

Receive a homework assignment to practice your new skills and stay accountable in-between sessions.

Practice new skills

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The investment is $1997

or 2 monthly payments of $850 after your initial deposit

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The first step is to fill out an application:

“It gave us tools to deal with our disagreements in a more constructive way.”

Prior to taking the course we felt we could use some help managing conflict -especially in the heat of the moment when emotions can get very high. It’s helpful to have it in our toolbox for the future.

– M & Z

What our clients are saying...

“There was nothing we did not find helpful!”

I really believe that recognizing your triggers can make a huge difference, as it helped us understand the reasons behind negative behaviours and patterns of interaction. We have since found better ways to communicate and resolve our problems.

– S & U

You believe that your partner is the one for you and that your relationship can be even better with guidance and the right tools.

You're the perfect fit for fight fair if...

You understand that things aren't always perfect, and you deserve a deeply fulfilling relationship, even if your current relationship is fine right now.

Is this for you?

You realize that doing so will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance your relationship, ultimately fulfilling your desire for stability, peace, connection, and understanding.

Yes, I'm in!

You don’t want this to be the way 5, 10, 20 years from now.

The sooner you learn the tools to handle conflicts in a healthy way, the easier it will be to change the way you deal with conflict.

Get the help you need now, to avoid bigger issues in the future.

Don't wait until things get bad to seek support - start while you're doing well.

Fighting Fair isn't just a nice-to-have; it's an absolute necessity.

Instead of walking on eggshells, editing your words, and putting off tough talks...

Why not get the necessary tools to handle conflicts effectively, and never second-guess or worry about saying the wrong thing again?

It really is as straightforward as that.

You won't need to walk on eggshells around sensitive topics.

You'll have the tools to have difficult conversations that actually get resolved.

You can confidently say things are going really well, not “just okay” (or even worse, “we’re fine”).

You'll have more mental and emotional energy because fights won't drain you.

Here's what's possible:

You can talk about concerns without your partner getting defensive.

You won't have intense doubts about your ability to be in relationship or our partner.

apply today

Imagine how your life and relationship can change:

You don’t have to constantly recreate the drama of draining fights, overthinking, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

I'm living proof that you can transform your relationship for the better

Instead of reacting impulsively, I learned to manage my emotions and maintain my composure before effectively conveying my thoughts.

Nowadays, I feel confident in guiding the couples I work with because I've learnt to fight fair.

I'm Alexa!

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Let's get started! The first step is to fill out your application.

Once I receive your application, we'll schedule a time to chat more to see if Fight Fair is the right program for you!

Can I use my benefits to pay for Fight Fair?

While benefits are valuable, it's important to note that coverage for counselling cannot be applied to the Fight Fair program, as it isn't classified as counselling.

If your health expense plan covers coaching, you may be eligible for reimbursement—be sure to confirm with your benefits provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Fight Fair different from other programs for couples?

Fight Fair is a comprehensive coaching program that includes a one-on-one component, providing you with all the information you need and the accountability and support to implement it.

What is the format of the program?

The program includes weekly one-on-one coaching calls, videos, PDFs, and worksheets. You will meet with your coach once a week for nine weeks at a regularly scheduled time. If you need to reschedule, we require 48 hours notice.

Can Fight Fair replace therapy?

No, Fight Fair is not a replacement for therapy. It is a time-bound, structured program focused on achieving a specific goal. It is ideal for couples who may not be ready, need, or be able to access therapy, or as a supplement to therapy.

What if I need additional help after completing the program?

We have a dedicated week for troubleshooting and providing additional support.