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Building Lasting Connections: Counselling & Coaching for Individuals and Couples.

Teletherapy & In-Person Sessions available in Vancouver, B.C.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and spinning your wheels trying to figure out your relationships?

Not only do you have to figure things out in relationships by trial and error without guidance, but you might also need to handle your own issues while helping your partner do the same.

Navigating this can feel overwhelming 🤯
But you already know this!

💛 Maybe you have tiresome, draining fights that affect various areas of your life like your work and mental health.

💛 Perhaps you doubt being in the ‘right’ relationship or question your ability to go the distance in any relationship.

💛 You may be feeling low about yourself and your life, experiencing anxiety, overthinking, and sleepless nights.

💛 Or maybe you're dealing with all these challenges but have felt too embarrassed to talk to someone about it.

You don’t have to constantly recreate the drama of draining fights, overthinking, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

They don’t have to be “just part of life."

I help individuals and couples, like you, navigate relationship challenges by drawing from my personal experiences and professional expertise.

Whether through coaching or counselling, I help you become the best version of yourself, so you can enjoy a fulfilling life and lasting relationships.

Meet Alexa

Nowadays, relationships are so much easier for me because I practice i've done the work.

Here at Alexa Gelles Counselling, we’re committed to making healthy relationship education and support accessible for everyone.

We do things differently

We offer full-spectrum support that covers everything from getting tools to enhance and divorce-proof your relationship to counselling support that addresses the root cause of the problems affecting your relationship with yourself and others.

At Alexa Gelles Counselling, you’ll get the help you need to take your relationship from “just fine” to confidently saying, “things are going great.”

Through coaching or counselling, our services guide you to go from feeling lost and alone to empowered and supported.

“There was nothing we did not find helpful! Alexa is wonderful. Her teaching style is very calming and encouraging."



For us, it's 

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Couples Counselling


Counselling for couples to help you proactively navigate conflict and transitions while laying a solid foundation for a happy, long-lasting relationship. Both virtual and in-person options available.

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Relationship Counselling for Individuals


For individuals looking to gain the right tools to manage conflict, bust through unhealthy patterns and address overwhelm to develop a more meaningful relationship and life. Virtual and in-person options available.

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Relationship Coaching


Accessible, virtual resources for individuals and couples to fit your schedule, location, goals, and budget. I’m always looking for ways to support more people in a variety of ways!

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